A comprehensive range of gases have been tailored to meet the needs of today’s offshore industry, including all standard gases used in the North Sea market.

Applications for gases also include diving, leaktesting, welding, laser cutting, purging, heating, pipe freezing, pH Control, calibration and metal treatment.

Our gases are delivered in cylinders, bundles/quads, liquid containers or produced on-site. All products are continuously analyzed during manufacturing and controlled before delivery, in the respect of local and international regulations (ISO, DNV, ABS).

Quads provide a large volume per unit, when large volumes are required. Our 300 bar quads adds another 35-45% extra gas into each cylinder compared to existing 200 bar technology.

Cost saving benefits of using our quads:

  • Less transportation.
  • Less documentation.
  • Less storage and handling.

All our equipment are certified according to DnV 2.7-1.

Our web based equipment tracking system enables both clients and suppliers to remotely locate fleet assets at all times.